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"The girl, whose bag I also have, speaks very slowly."

Translation:Het meisje, wiens tas ik ook heb, spreekt heel langzaam.

December 17, 2014



Yes, you are right, "wier" is more correct. But I think it should also be said that "wiens" and "wier" are also a bit (too) formal in my opinion and that "van wie" is more commonly used (or more neutral) "Het meisje, van wie ik de tas ook heb, spreekt heel langzaam"


I'm sorry but wier is seaweed.


I'm 310 days into learning this language, and I swear, it's going to take 310 more years for me to understand the grammar. :(


I've been doing it for almost 1000 days and I'm still learning. Don't get discouraged and keep practicing! :)


I've been doing it for more then 27,000 days, and still don't know everything.! So, don't be ashamed.


We may not be ashamed, just totally confused!


This website is great, having said that...wiens is used for males and wier for females and plural, as a bit of googling clearly shows. The worst is that you can't even report this as a mistake so it remains


Based on several other comments, wiens is typically used more than wier, correct or not. So the use here is intentional.


Why not van wie as it was in the previous lesson? Also why isn't the verb earlier?


Heel vs zeer?


I'd say they're synonymous. Zeer may be a little less than heel, but they're both a lot or the majority of something.


Maybe you could nip over to Holland occasionally and get a grip on it that way..!

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