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"The girl, whose bag I also have, speaks very slowly."

Translation:Het meisje, wiens tas ik ook heb, spreekt heel langzaam.

3 years ago



Yes, you are right, "wier" is more correct. But I think it should also be said that "wiens" and "wier" are also a bit (too) formal in my opinion and that "van wie" is more commonly used (or more neutral) "Het meisje, van wie ik de tas ook heb, spreekt heel langzaam"

3 years ago


Although "wiens" is no longer considered wrong for feminine subjects, "wier" (my answer) is actually more correct.

3 years ago


I'm 310 days into learning this language, and I swear, it's going to take 310 more years for me to understand the grammar. :(

1 year ago

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I've been doing it for almost 1000 days and I'm still learning. Don't get discouraged and keep practicing! :)

1 year ago


I've been doing it for more then 27,000 days, and still don't know everything.! So, don't be ashamed.

2 months ago