"Ett tak"

Translation:A roof

December 17, 2014

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isn't the "ceiling" the same word?


If you need to specify you can use 'innertak' for ceiling and 'yttertak' for roof.


it didn't suggest it as an "another correct answer". I guess I'll report "my answer should be accepted" next time I get this sentence...


Very similar to the German "Dach."


And the Dutch 'Dak'


But the Dutch "tak" is a branch of a tree. It's a false friend.


In this case the Swedish neuter should help: -het dak- en -de tak-


Yes, we call that gren or kvist in Swedish. The Dutch word is related to e.g. English "tack" and German "Zacke".


I heard: -ett tag-. Very similar!


What about... Tack!...


Cognate with thatch. I’m going to remember it now!


Learning in my browser where I wrote "ett tag" and it said

Correct! Meaning: A roof

Even if my answer is completely wrong ;D! Not even an underlined correction of a typo!

This happens often ("köpper" was also considered as correct and again with no notice about the extra "p", wrong a and o switch in words with å,ä,ö are not always pointed out as typoes, etc.). In such cases, one continues with the lessons without being aware of his own mistakes. This is not good when learning a language, since later it is more difficult to unlearn the mistakes you were unaware of when learning fresh. I propose that after every answer check (regardless of the (in)correct spelling) a solution should be given like

Correct: "Ett tak" Meaning: "A roof"

This way one can allways check the spelling by himself by comparing his answer to the correct sollution.


Yes, that is unfortunately currently the case for all "type what you hear" exercises at the moment. :( It's a known bug and I'm hoping it'll be fixed soon.

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