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Language changes with gender of speaker - Set your gender option

I was wondering if it is possible to add a feature to set your gender while you are learning, because for example in french you say: Je suis venu (if you are a guy), but Je suis venue (if you are a girl), and I don't think duo points this out at all.. Unless I'm wrong and haven't seen it haha

July 16, 2013



This is true in the Italian module, as well...have gotten several "wrong" answers that were unclear because of lack of gender.


Thought this! - should definitely add this feature


They could also set the default based on your Facebook profile.


Je suis d'accord! C'est très ennuyeux.


I definitely agree! I've never had it give me a problem in Spanish, as it seems to accept both answers but why should the opposite gender be correct for you especially if you would never use it?


In Hindi also i'm experiencing the same issue. I'm learning Hindi from English. Especially when we create sentence with " I am " for male and female the sentence structuring and verb forms are different. In my profile the sentence is coming up like I'm a Female user :(

Don't know how to set the gender option to Male :(

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