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"We drink his beer in September."

Translation:Beviamo la sua birra a settembre.

July 16, 2013



In this section 4 of Time sometimes we are given 'a' followed by the month and sometimes 'in' followed by the month and it seems completely interchangeable. This time I put 'in settembre' rather than 'a settembre' and was marked as incorrect so I would love a native Italian speaking person to let me know if there is a rule for this as I am unable to fathom it out. Many thanks.


Only have their word for it but two of my Italian friends tell me it doesn't matter, if it did, it doesn't now...


I did exactly the same. I Checked my sentence thoroughly and there was no other error.


You are correct, both IN and A are used. If the month begins with a vowel...Ad ottobre, Ad agosto etc


The moral of this story is...he should have drank his beer in august


Yeah, drink whiskey in those colder months. { ;<: )) LOL


why is this a and not in septembre


The three given meanings of English "in" are "in", "dentro" and "tra"; yet "a" is used in the correct answer. How is this right if "a" is not one of the given meanings?


you use "a" with most of the months. I believe you use "in" when the month starts with a vowel, but I never had this confirmed by a native speaker. But I know you use "a" with most of the months.


Is an unspecified quantity of beer always singular? I would think that the sense of the sentence would imply that more than on beer is had.


Duo needs to accept either "in" or "a" or explain why "in" is incorrect


why is it " la sua" instead of "il suo". is beer feminine?


Yes, beer is feminine and uses "la" and feminine adjectives.


wait so how would we know if someone said this sentence to us if they were saying his or her beer?


You don't. But there's normally something else in the sentence that gives you a clue - eg we went to see Peter and he gave us his beer


I get confused with masculine or feminine applications. In this example, I don't understand why "la sua" (f?) is used when it's referring to a "his" (m).


Because possession in Italian is determined by the gender of the thing possessed. Il mio cavallo, la mia birra


I never noticed how neat this was in English until I learned Italian from English. My native language isn't gendered.


I did the same thing, using "in" and got it incorrect. There are some discrepancies in the program that we must memorize, I assume, because we are not able to question a native speaker with our issues.


I tried "Beviamo le sue birre a settembre" although a large part of me thinks it should be "la sua birra" as it should be a collective noun, i.e."la birra", "la frutta". :D

:) KK


I wrote "beviamo la sua birra in settembre". The correction underlines the "a" instead of "in". As I understand "in" should be correct. I am reporting it, hopefully they will fiz it.


Are month names also always capitalized in Italian? (e.g. "Settembre" instead of "settembre")


I don't believe so, I've never seen them do it.


No. Italian capitalizes a lot less than us. I want to say just proper names.


No, small letters.


Chi beve pasta? Non è possibile hahah


Any recommended Italian beer for me?


Now I am completely lost. A few lessons ago it should not be a, because that should only be used in the meaning up to a certain moment, and In when we speak of a certain period - and that is here the case. And now it suddenly should be a. & €@#


I put 'a' and it was marked wrong.


There was probably something else wrong. Always best to post your entire answer. Other eyes usually see what we miss.


Like several other people, I do not understand why only 'a settembre' is accepted and 'in settembre' is wrong


I also used 'in' and it was marked wrong. Really annoying as this 'mistake' was the right before finalizing two flawless modules and being advanced to the next level!

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