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  5. Why did my streak disappear :(


Why did my streak disappear :(

I had a 6 or 7 day streak and had at least 10 points everyday in my weekly progress and yesterday it was reset to one, I know it's hardly a huge streak but it is still kind of discouraging. Is there are certain amount of points you have to get in a day? And is a day a calendar day or does it count 24 hours from your previous lesson?

July 16, 2013



You have to either finish a lesson or receive credit for a translation within each 24 hours. I believe that Duolingo uses your time zone's midnight as the cut-off. (It might be Duolingo midnight which I believe is EST. Since I live in EST, I can't distinguish between the two.)

So, a typical scenario... If you study late at night, but one night started studying later than usual, i.e. after midnight, that will result in a streak reset.

Sadly, I lost my 40+ streak a few days ago. :(


I'm pretty sure it's a calendar day, and you need at least one point that day (I think).. Maybe you practiced but didn't pass the lesson?


Yes, they use the timezone you're in. I'm in CET (central Europe) and they cut off at my midnight too. And one point is enough.


Not only my streak - I had 5 days on it and now I'm back to 3, but also 2 of the lingots I had earned and dozens of points I had earned at my level are now gone. I'm here to learn and not earn point, but if they have a point system, they should understand the psychology of it and how discouraging this is.

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