"That does not include you."

Translation:Det inkluderer ikke dig.

December 17, 2014

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Is that the only possible word order? I think I have read before sentences where the negate "ikke" was the last word. Sentences like:

-"Jeg kender dig ikke"

I have tried "Det inkludere dig ikke" and... well.. I lost my heart ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Why in this case it has to go at the end?


As a native speaker I'd say that "Det inkluderer dig ikke" is technically correct, but an unusual way of phrasing it.

I think on the focus you mean to put on "you" in the sentence. As an example "Jeg kender dig ikke" sounds very mild, but "Jeg kender ikke dig" puts focus on "you" and makes it seem a little more pointed (as if - out of a group of people - you zero in on the one person).

In the case of the main sentence however - the phrase "that doesn't include you" sounds slightly hostile to me and with that in mind I would put the "you" in the end when I translate to Danish.

So - to summarize - if you want the sentence to come off pointed, maybe even hostile, towards someone else, put "ikke" in the middle of the phrase and the reciever at the end.

I hope this clarifies ;-)


That is an amazing explanation, Lingot to you!


Sofia is right, the word order puts different emphasis. Exaggerated for effect below:

"Det inkluderer dig ikke" - "Don't worry, it does not affect you."

"Det inkluderer ikke dig" - "It is none of your business"

"Jeg kender dig ikke" - "I don't know you (yet?)"

"Jeg kender ikke dig." - "You may know me, but you have been beneath my notice"


Thanks for the examples!


my danish boyfriend said either saying ikke dig or dig ikke is fine to say in that sentence


Thank you (And your boyfriend!)


make sure to report it


I already had ;-)


I translated it as "Det inkluderer ikke jer", but it said I was wrong.


Can someone remind me why we use Dig and not Du in this phrase?

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