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  5. "The food is for the judges."

"The food is for the judges."

Translation:Het eten is voor de rechters.

December 17, 2014



There are actually several terms that refer to food:

  • het eten - the dominant word for food

  • het voedsel - a bit less colloquial and a bit more formal than het eten

  • de kost - not very common

  • de spijs - usually found in compound words where it does not translate to 'food' (e.g. de spijskaart (menu)). There are some other uses for it. Spijzen (foods) is very high style.

  • het voer/voeder - rather archaic; primarily used when concerning animals (e.g. honde(n)voer (dog food)).


"de spijskaart" must be more Flemish as I have only heard it used once in my 20 year life in the Netherlands. important typo in hondeNvoer (because you can have multiple dogs)


when you hover over "the" then it shows the wrong "het" and not "de" O.o


Why de rechters? Previously, we left out the 'the' before the profession


It seems here the food is earmarked for a specific set of judges, not judges in general.

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