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Is there a way to make answers strict about spelling with special characters?

I am taking Swedish and I've noticed that answers are accepted without the correct special characters.

So for example if I am supposed to translate "I am a man" both "Jag är en man" and "Jag ar en man" are accepted even though the latter is incorrect.

Is there some way to change this? It makes it difficult to learn the correct spelling when incorrect spelling is accepted as correct.

December 17, 2014



Would absolutely appreciate that for Spanish as well. It'd be good to have it optional so you can focus on learning the language first and later focus on the spelling.


It should be. It's not a feature used in many words in Dutch, from what I see, but when it is used, it changes a diphthong into a pair of vowels - which is a pretty big deal (talking about trema here) Also, needing to use punctuation and capitalisation of letters would be helpful.


This would be great. In the case of a language like French, a little slap on the hand and a push to the next question is not as much of an incentive to learn accents as being marked incorrect.


As far as I know, it is not possible.


As far as I know, they do correct you (at least in Italian), but (depending on the word) they count your answer as correct, making a note that the special characters need to be different.


Hmmm, well for Swedish, at least what I've run into, it doesn't correct you. So maybe it only works correctly on some languages.


I believe Swedish is still in beta, so perhaps that is why?


This is a good idea. Sometimes I get correct answers even though I have two spelling mistakes within one word.

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