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"Is maith liom an rothar glas."

Translation:I like the green bicycle.

December 17, 2014



Wouldn't "uaine" be better? I was under the impression that "glas" refers to living green things like grass and trees.


'uaine' is more of a bright, vivid green, like you'd find in paints and dyes. 'glas' is for less vivid, more natural shades, stretching into greys and blues.


Glas used to be bluish-green in all the Celtic languages, but gradually the word has become aligned with one of the English colours, so now it means 'green' in Irish and 'blue' in Welsh. I have even heard it used for something that was vivid green by a young Irish speaker.


Do you know of any Irish color charts online?


Not off the top of my head, I'm afraid.

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