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theres no record button

I get asked to pronounce phrases and whatnot, but to hit record first. I dont see a record button, do I have to hit record in the sentence? If so that doesnt work

October 29, 2012



You do have to hit the button. It is highlighted though, so assuming that only display is a problem here, maybe if you simply hit the "enter" key on your keyboard, you'll get to record yourself. Hit enter again to stop recording and see if you get feedback on your answer after a few seconds. Alternatively, i would suggest try with a different browser (firefox, chrome, safar, internet explorer) or from a different computer. If nothing else for the sake of seeing what it should look like when it works. Eventually, if you can't figure it out and decide you don't care so much for that recording type of questions, you can disable them alltogether in "your settings", setting "no" on "microphone". That's my default and i really don't miss the feature, which is rather dull in my opinion.


I had a problem with the record button too, it kept getting stuck or not loading properly, and the whole record function didn't work very well. I downloaded the latest version of Java (version 7 update 9) from here http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp and now it works perfectly fine. I'm using Internet Explorer 9.

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