"Kocken lägger lite smör i stekpannan."

Translation:The cook is putting some butter in the frying pan.

December 17, 2014

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I get that "i" is "in" but wouldn't it make more sense in English to put butter on the pan, not in the pan? Not a native speaker of either language so maybe someone can explain.


Both English and Swedish tend to use /on in cases where you put things on top of something which has a flat top surface, and i/in in cases where you put something into something that is more like a container. The frying pan is not seen as totally flat here, but more as a container. The butter can be liquid and still stay in the frying pan.

A typically flat thing is a cutting board (en skärbräda), if you'd put the butter there it would be on/ respectively.


I have a lid for my frypan, and the butter is placed on the frying surface but in the pan.


Översätts här "lite" bara som "some" eller kan man också förstå det som "a little"?


In Swedish, is "some" the same as "a little"? In English, they are different.


It covers both - there's some overlap, at least. We accept a few other variations as well.


Thank you!
In that case, maybe "a little" should be accepted in this sentence.


I wrote "The cook adds a little bit of butter into the frying pan" as I struggled to find a relevant word for 'lite' without referencing a 'piece' or 'bit'. And to me, 'some' doesn't specifically mean that it is little. Maybe "The cook adds a small amount of butter into the frying pan."?

And is it ok to use 'lägger' as 'placed' instead of 'put'? Put feels a bit generic.

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