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"Entschuldigung" and "Actung" capitlization

When I enter "entschuldigung", it tells me it's a noun and needs to be capitalized, is sorry not an adjective is German?

And I noticed "Actung" is defined as attention, careful, and respect, is it always capitalized, or only when used as a noun (attention, respect)

October 29, 2012



Entschuldigung and Achtung both are nouns (notice the -ung endings) hence they are capitalized. Entschuldigung actually means an excuse, or apology.. To say that you are sorry, you say "Es tut mir Leid" (Lit. It pains me)..


"Achtung" is the rest of a complete sentence. You could compare it with "Good morning" which is the rest of the phrase "I wish you a good morning". Telling someone to be careful by just saying "attention" or "careful" is leaving out the rest of the sentence also.

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