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why did they change the duolingo points

i mean it is harder to do duolingo there because it is not gonna end with no hearts and the points go above 20 your only supose to do 20 to pass that level thing

3 years ago


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It might be harder to pass a lesson, but in my opinion the bar is actually beneficial. You can continuously keep going in a lesson until you have learned enough to pass it. It's good for strengthening your overall memory of the new words in the lesson.

3 years ago

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I much prefer it compared to the old way. It repeats the questions you've failed to answer later in the exercise, so you get another chance to put in the right answer.

3 years ago


Also, no more half cheating if you have no hearts left on the last few because of not wanting to fail. I find this less stressful and more fun. It does take a while sometimes, but on those I'd need to go over it again to get it right anyways.

3 years ago