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"Uma rua no centro da cidade tem seu nome."

Translation:A street downtown has your name.

July 17, 2013



Why not "city centre"? That's a perfectly normal English expression that means the same as "downtown."


Downtown is a North American word, in Britain we would say 'city centre'.


so why is" centre of town" wrong


I had that as well. Think it should be right.


i think "bears his name" should also be accepted...


Downtown doesn't always equate to the center of the city... So that's an odd "translation".


Er, 'downtown' is VERY american. That's fine.... if you're American. In Britain we refer to the 'town centre'.


I was flunked for "uma rua no centro da cidade tem o seu nome", yet there was no proposal for "My answer should be accepted" among the REPORT options...


City centre is good English. Town centre could also be correct (if Portugal has towns as well as cities). Downtown is an American expression that doesn't necessarily apply to either (as I understand it) - it is not English.


In my American English usage, the city center is the physical hub of the city (insofar as a city has one). The downtown is the hub of business activity, often meaning the area where the skyline of the city is centered. While for many cities, these locations are the same, in some (Paris and the American city based on it, Washington) the business center is not the physical hub.


Well well. I didn’t know that. Thank you. It seems I’m learning American as well as Portuguese


What's wrong with 'A street in the center of the city has his name'?


The street in the center have its name - no his name.


For me his name is also correct. Someone saying: "Meu avô se chamava Alcides Pereira e uma rua no centro da cidade tem seu nome" (his name)


his is more correct: the streets have their names from died people (unless you are "talking" to your grandpa.)


You are right. It should not be "his." It should, however, be "has," not "have," as the subject is singular.

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