ich will

I was asked to translate "I want to eat chicken.". My answer was "ich will Hänchen esse" but the correct answer is "Ich will ein Hähnchen essen.". I tried to google the rules but i didn't find much information. Why is it ein Hänchen essen?

May 3, 2012


It's "essen" because you need an infinitive form. Your first verb (wollen) must be conjugated but not the second one. It's similar in english : you wouldn't write "she wants eats" but "she wants to eat".

Meh, I don't know why they would absolutely require an "ein", the most adequate translation wouldn't have any article as far as I know. :/ Maybe it's a mistake.

ohhhh i see it now, thanks, and what about the "ein"

thanks for the answer :)

"Ein" is redundant, because Hänchen is food

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