"He is the captain of the team."

Translation:Hij is de aanvoerder van de ploeg.

4 years ago



"Kapitein" is only used in the army and navy and for a captain of a ship. In sports, the English word "captain" is used, not "kapitein".

4 years ago


I agree. This translation is weird and incorrect. Captain should be translated as 'leider' or 'aanvoerder'.

In Dutch 'kapitein' is only used in the military or the shipping industry.

2 years ago


Ik ben de kapitein nu.

3 years ago


Is there a way to know if I am supposed to use an article when talking about a position or profession? If I wanted to say "I am A teacher" Wouldn't that just be "Ik ben docent." ? Is this an issue with (in)definite articles?

Also, in English (and perhaps not in Dutch, which is why I am here), the word "the" is 100% optional for a sentence like this. He is captain of the team. He is team captain. Perfectly normal English. Is the "the" required to not sound weird in Dutch?

1 year ago
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