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"He is the captain of the team."

Translation:Hij is de aanvoerder van de ploeg.

December 17, 2014



"Kapitein" is only used in the army and navy and for a captain of a ship. In sports, the English word "captain" is used, not "kapitein".


I agree. This translation is weird and incorrect. Captain should be translated as 'leider' or 'aanvoerder'.

In Dutch 'kapitein' is only used in the military or the shipping industry.


Ik ben de kapitein nu.


Is there a way to know if I am supposed to use an article when talking about a position or profession? If I wanted to say "I am A teacher" Wouldn't that just be "Ik ben docent." ? Is this an issue with (in)definite articles?

Also, in English (and perhaps not in Dutch, which is why I am here), the word "the" is 100% optional for a sentence like this. He is captain of the team. He is team captain. Perfectly normal English. Is the "the" required to not sound weird in Dutch?

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