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I'd like to change my time zone.

I signed up while I was abroad in Germany. I'm now in the US, on Pacific time, and I'm about to move to the Eastern Time Zone. Can I change my time zone to Eastern, so that if I earn XP after 4pm I receive them for the day that I'm going to actually be in?

Also, there's a curious problem; even though the streak counter resets on German time, the app uses the time on my phone to determine the current day. So I have less than 24 hours every day where the two line up.

For example: From midnight-4pm, I can earn XP for the day that I'm in. After 4pm, I only earn points for the next day, but the app still tells me that I need more points to hit my goal for the current day. But at that point, it's impossible! It puts me into a more limited time box if I want to keep my streak going.

Any ideas?

December 17, 2014



Same problem here. I have given up on maintaining a streak for the time being.


The only way you can do that is to create a new account when you are actually in the time zone.

Otherwise you just have to make allowances for it.


I got the same problem! When Russia change TZ many peoples have problem with time.


I tend to work late on some nights. So, I went to study at 1AM and found I'd lost my streak, even though it was the same day for me. Conversely, I studied at 1AM and want to do it again at 10:30 PM, but it counts as the same day. I'd really like to see a way to break up days at slightly more unusual timepoints.


Days are counted from midnight to midnight in the time zone you were in when you registered with Duolingo.

So 1am and 10:30 pm are counted in the same day.

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