"It is a book."

Translation:Det är en bok.

December 17, 2014

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    what is the difference between en and ett?


    I thought it would be "Den är en bok" since bok is the common gender?


    In this sentence, det does not refer to the book. It's there because Swedish sentences must have a subject. Compare it to it rains in English, where it doesn't really mean anything, but the sentence structure of English needs it.

    When Swedish does it like this, the subject is always det. Some examples:

    • Det regnar = it's raining

    • Det är fint väder ute = The weather is lovely outside

    • Det är fjorton bilar på gatan = There are fourteen cars on the street


    Det är goes with ett words, surely this should be Den är en bok.


    What is the difference between ni and du?


    Why bok in here sounds like "vok"?


    How do you type accents?

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