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  5. "Var är djuret?"

"Var är djuret?"

Translation:Where is the animal?

December 17, 2014



Which is the difference between Var and Vart?


Var asks for location. Var är du? = Where are you?

Vart asks for direction. Vart åker vi? = Where are we going to?


So we can't say "var går du" ? We must use "vart"?


Preferrably, yes. If you asked "var går du" it means on which location you're walking or attending or something like that.

In spoken Swedish, the distinction is a bit blurred though, and you might well hear the terms used interchangeably. But it's important to know and be able to practice the difference nonetheless.


tack så mycket :)


Maybe they should suggest 'where' in place of 'is' here for 'var'.


All hints on a written word end up everywhere, even if it's actually two different words that just happen to be written the same way. So you have to learn how to choose among the hints!


Is it normal that the "d" un "djuret" is silent when the sentense is read, or is it just the program?


In Standard Swedish, d is generally silent in the combination dj at the start of words.


I hear the jumping of the T-rex jumping in Chrome when there is no internet connection at the letter "d" before the "j". How is that supposed to be pronounced? Like place of articulation, manner of articulation, voicing, etc.?


Sounded a lot like "Var ar Europe" to me!

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