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  5. "A child and an elephant."

"A child and an elephant."

Translation:Et barn og en elefant.

December 17, 2014



Why is it 'et' for barn and 'en' for elefant?


A short answer to this question would be a bit useless, so instead i recommend that you read this page: http://blogs.transparent.com/danish/2011/12/08/en-or-et-the-peculiar-sex-life-of-danish-nouns/


Thank you very much, this is very helpful.


so it mainly et for objects and children?


Entonces el "et" se utiliza cuando es neutro y el "en" cuando es masculino o femenino


Sí, y el 70% de los sustantivos danses son de género común (en). Pero recuerda que es un curso para angloparlantes, y creo que de ahí los votos negativos.

(In english) Yes, and the 70% of the Danish nouns are common gendered (en).


Whenever its SUGGESTED TO READ OTHERS COMMENTS.... More confused then before I started. I wish you would understand that other peoples confusion DOESN'T help clear up anything. At least I'm reassured I'm not the ONLY one who is baffled. So... Question remains... When do we use ET and When do we use EN and why?


Ok well.... Read the Danish page. Thanks?


må jeg ikke skrive en barn??


no because it is 'et barn' and 'barnET' , but the problem is that duo gives 'en' as the solution in the hints and that is incorrect. alas it happens more often that duo gives wrong directions in the hints.

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