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"Eu preciso de um travesseiro e de um cobertor."

Translation:I need a pillow and a blanket.

July 17, 2013



Is the 'de' necessary in "... e de um cobertor."?


It's still marked as an error in May 2019 (4 years on)


Perhaps because it is a listening exercise and the de can be heard twice


Huh.. I've never called a pillow 'travesseiro'. We always call it 'almofada'. Is this a Brazil-only thing?


In Brazil, pillow is travesseiro.

Almofada is pad. (Found this translation via google, and I'm not confortable with it) So, there's some pictures of "almofadas" to leave no doubt at the end of this comment. They are used on sofas and chairs. Can be part of the sofa, or additional ones put onto it.

So, one cannot say a "travesseiro" is not some kind of "almofada", but we never call it that way.



The best translation for your meaning of "almofada" is "cushion".


It is my understanding that in portugal 'almofada' refers to a cushion from a sofa or chair and a pillow from a bed (they do not use the word 'travesseiro') but in brasil, 'almofada' is strictly a cushion only.


I speak Arabic and they call it "alwosada", coincidence?


No, it isn't coincidence. Check it out in Priberam dictionary... al·mo·fa·da (árabe al-mukhaddâ, coxim, travesseiro). :)


wow! that is game changer.. I noticed that "açúcar" has a similar situation! Thanks for sharing


I was in a furniture shop today in Portimão, Portugal and a pillow was definitely an 'almofada'. There was no sign or mention of a travesseiro.


Is 'Eu preciso de um travesseiro e um cobertor.' proper Portuguese? I don't understand why there is the 'de' after the um.


The "de" before the "um" is the preposition (of) required by the verb "precisar" when it is followed by a noun (or noun phrase).


If I was to list of and say "I need this and this and this and this." It's bad listing, but it happens. Would I always be saying de um/uma?


To me, a non-native speaker, the list constitutes what I called a "noun phrase" (though now I'm not really sure that term applies to a list) and one "de" should be sufficient.

It is not always appropriate to take the rules from one language and apply them to another, but I guess it is similar to the difference between saying "I am fond of reading and of writing" and "I am fond of reading and writing".


I think your comparison to the English sentences works. "Eu preciso de um travesseiro e de um cobertor" sort of separates the two items, almost as if you needed them for two different things or the blanket had come in as an afterthought. "Eu preciso de um travesseiro e um cobertor", on the other hand, makes a block, a unit of "blanket + pillow". Both are correct and it is impossible chose one best translation from the English sentence they propose.


Why is the second "de um" necessary?


You can omit the second "de".

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Can someone please tell me as to what do they call "um travesseiro" and "um cobertor" in Portugal? Thanks.


Exactly what I said, no spelling mistakes... should have gotten it right. ???

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