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difference between partir and laisser

Your sentences are really confusing me as to the way these two infinitives are used : either it to go, or to leave, or they are interchangeable. Can anyone suggest a precise usage for these two infinitives? Thank you.

October 29, 2012



great question... i have wondered the same. found this link which was helpful: http://french.about.com/cs/vocabulary/a/toleave.htm


dear pumori, I wish to thank you for your reference to french.about.com illustrating the different usages of laisser and partir.


More simply, I think the difference is that PARTIR means TO LEAVE in the sense of to DEPART or GO, whereas LAISSER means something more like to LET GO, or LET GO OF or even LEAVE BEHIND. eg I leave my coat - JE LAISSE MON MANTEAU


elka, thank you for the insights! and for taking the time to respond. Pedre

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