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"My parents went to the restaurant."

Translation:Mis padres fueron al restaurante.

5 years ago



Why 'al'? Restaurante is masculine and thus, needs an 'el' beforehand. I understand how to conjugate both 'del' and 'al' but I have no idea when to use them correctly. Does it have something to do with past tense here?

5 years ago


Here the 'a' is the preposition for 'to'. It is often used with verbs of motion. A + el = al

5 years ago


Of course. Whoops, dunno what I was thinking about.

5 years ago


Why not "a la" as in Vamos 'a la' playa?

2 years ago

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Confusingly, the wrong answer "Mis padres ven al restaurante." is corrected to "Mis padres iban al restaurante." (i.e., the imperfect tense).

I started to look up why "iban" was used because that makes no sense to me and then saw that the official answer involves "fueron" (i.e., the preterite tense)…

3 months ago