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missing those hearts

they gave at least some suspense to the boring practice routine and it was a little thrill to not refill a heart for the last question

wish they would undo that

Update: since the android version still uses the hearts (for how long?) it is possible to play the old version on a phone or a tablet or even better in an android emulator for PC

December 18, 2014



Yeah the bar threw a monkey wrench into my practice routine.


I personally like the new system aside from one thing, which has been pointed out: there is no lingot reward for doing well. I like having longer lessons, since it helps me learn better, but it would be nice if I could still get lingots for getting every single answer correct. I would be nice to get more experience points as well, since it now takes much longer to level up.

I don't want to see the new system go, as I prefer it to the heart system even as is, but I wouldn't mind some modifications that reward us proportionately to how we were rewarded before.


I consider your opinion most sensible. This new thing changes our perception but does not change it radically. The only thing I really miss is lingots as award. The other thing I'd like to be changed is how a lesson progresses when I fail questions repeatedly. It really needs more logic for generating questions on the fly.


I have to agree. This is very disappointing. There was some anticipation every time. Will I get 26 today and celebrate or just get by with 20? Or I lost three harts in the first half and it made me think really hard about each question before checking. Now it's "meh, what's the difference?"


By the way, a typical lesson was 16 questions and you could get 13 points for completing it. Now it's 17 questions or more for just 10 points. That is for the same amount of points we do more exercises. I understand that they made it 17 from some statistics, how often we fail to complete lessons but failing was really Ok. Now I cannot fail a lesson and it's a bit disappoining. I miss failing, it is a natural thing.

Mobile version is still old-fashioned, with hearts.

There also a complain: if I fail 2-4 questions, the lesson gets longer by 5-10 questions and closer to the end it starts re-using the same questions that were used at the beginning. It would be truly reasonable to re-use failed questions again but the logic here is a bit faulty

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I agree. Now it's a bit boring just adding up points. I think there was some magic to the application with both the hearts and the lingots that made us want to come back for more and once settled into a lesson or two to keep on going. Also the progress bar that showed how close we were to the next level was motivating. I just don't look forward to practicing as much as previously and it's a shame for such a brilliant tool...


Moreover how do i get any lingots with the new point system? I have spent not one of them but i'm gonna buy bonus lessons.

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