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"Han skriver om sæsonerne i sin bog."

Translation:He writes about the seasons in his book.

December 18, 2014



Saesonerne is the one they use in sports. She needs to say årstid in this context


Maybe he's writing about sports seasons


Sæsonerne er forkert dansk. Det hedder årstiderne.


Any tips on how to distinguish the "erne" ending when you hear it?


I just replay all the words in the slow version every question (minus the ones I'm used to like han, en, bog etc) and that way I get used to hearing them which I think is the biggest issue when it comes to distinguishing the endings of the words. I find after a week or so of hearing the words I'm able to distinguish. It's a pretty subtle difference.


I think the audio in the one is distorted in the regular speed.


Why not "He writes 'of' (about) the seasons in his book?" Although somewhat dated, it is still correct.


I can only distinguish it by listening the slow version, more times if needed.


Didnt accept "he writes of the seasons in his book". That is a perfect translation.


Where can i buy it?


I just switched on the listening exercises option. Deeply grateful that I didn't have to pronounce this one straight off.


In English, you can use this sentence to mean either "he is currently writing in his book and what he's writing is about the seasons" or "there's a passage in his book about the seasons" (the latter seems more likely given the tense used).

Which of these makes sense in the Danish sentence?


I'm learning English sentence order in this lesson. :P

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