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Greek Lesson 2

Hi everybody! In this lesson you'll learn how to greet someone and how to say your name in Greek. Here's the vocabulary. I don't write how the words are pronounced because you've probably learnt it on my previous discussion

  • Γεια! = Hi! (unofficial, it is used to greet a friend or someone that you know well)

  • Γεια σου! = Hi! (unofficial, it is used to greet a friend or someone that you know well)

  • Γεια σας! = Hi! (unofficial too, but you can use it to greet someone older than you, for example, at school, most students greet their teachers saying ya sas! it is also used when greeting many people)

  • Καλημέρα! = Good morning! (it is used when greeting someone)

  • Καλησπέρα! = Good afternoon! & Good evening! (it used when greeting someone after 12 o'clock in the afternoon and in the evening)

  • Καληνύχτα! = Good night! (it is used ONLY when leaving after the sun has disappeared completely from the sky)

  • Αντίο! = Bye!

  • Τα λέμε! = Bye! (it literally means we say it, but it is used when leaving)

  • Πώς σε λένε; = What's your name? (sing. form)

  • Πώς σας λένε; = What's your name? (pl. and polite form)

  • Με λένε ... = My name's ... (after this verb, the name that follows is in the accusative case, that I'll teach in another lesson)

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Χαιρετίσματα απ'την όμορφη Θεσσαλονίκη! (Greetings from the beautiful Thessaloniki!)

Παναγιώτης :)

December 18, 2014



Thank you for your lessons :) and if you're interested in sharing your knowledge of Greek, maybe you'd like to join the BSCT (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5409009) and create a Greek bonus skill every week?


I really appreciate this! I downloaded the public (aka free) FSI Greek Language courses a while ago and I thought it was a beautiful language. I hope it gets incubated here soon.


And for some extra politeness you can also say "καληνύχτα, να κλάνεις όλη νύχτα".


I hope people will understand your irony and nobody will say it to a Greek person. (although it'd be fun :p)


I would love to see Greek lessons as part of duolingo. I'm surprised they don't have it yet.


English for Greek is now in beta. I'm hoping Greek for English is not far behind. I know a bit of Greek and find the "reverse course" is a great help and now with Panagiotis' initiative I feel I'm ahead of the game. If you know a little Gr. do try out the Eng for Gr.


Actually English for Greek is out of beta now.


Yikes, so that's why the blue line is missing. Now, that's great news. Thank you for the heads up.


@Gomos Shall we stoop to such puerile levels? I think Panagiotis' efforts deserve much high standards to say nothing of the the unwary Duolingist making the effort to learn Greek being given this ❤❤❤❤❤ trap right at the beginning.

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