"Juli är en månad på året."

Translation:July is a month of the year.

December 18, 2014

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Native English speaker, and it sounds strange to me to say "a month of the year." I would say it as "month in the year." The only exception would be if July was a superlative for some reason, then one could say "July is the best month of the year."


Also a native english speaker, I second that "month in the year" should be accepted.


I've added that now that I'm a contributor again. :)


Should i pronounce på året as påret? Or should i keep the two separate when saying it?


I wouldn't pronounce it completely merged, as it if were one word påret - but I do merge them, so there's no break between them, just either a prolonged å or a micro pause in the vowel. I imagine most native speakers would do the same. Ultimately, though, clearly pronouncing på året is absolutely not weird or wrong by any means.


Is the genitive for this expression less popular or wrong in Swedish?


No, not really - to both questions.


Just out of interest, could you use av instead of på in the sentence? As people have already said, in would be what we'd say in English :-)


No, that doesn't work, but you could say juli är en av årets månader. :)


Tack så mycket :-)


Sounds like a normal sentence, at last! (Disagreeing with comments about ..in the year. Perhaps that's regional? I'd talk about the 12 months of the year, so July is one month out of the year, emphasis on OF. I would not say: July is one month IN the year.

Straining for an example, I might say about 2020: June was the worst month of 2020, worst of the year. Using OF. I would not use IN for this sentence. It sounds bad and wrong.

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