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Sono contento che ho imparato un po 'di italiano

July 17, 2013



Sono contenta di aver imparata un po' di italiano (femminile)


Anche io sono molto contenta che ho imparato appena un po' di italiano. Io faccio errori spesso, ma palro meglio da giorno a giorno (god only know how many mistakes are up there)

Grazie mille Duolingo!!


Do you really learnt writing Italian so good thanks to Dualingo? I'm Italian and i'm trying to learn German from English and if this is the result i will practice every day!


Really?? You mean it was alright? (I thought appena might be wrong up there, but maybe it was right). Thank you!

Basically, I also use Memrise for vocabulary and I also listen to Rai 3 Radio almost every day even though I don't understand almost anything yet. From day to day, I actually start to understand a few words and expressions here and there. I am still very much a newbie but I think Duolingo is very helpful, yes.

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