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Contemporary Danish Television (Monte Carlo. Hurra!)

Hej allesammen!

We all know that you can only get so far by practicing a language through exercises and repetition. If we really want to learn a language at some point we're going to have to start exposing ourselves to it in "real life", whether through speaking to a native, reading books, listening to music, or watching tv and movies.

So, I have a recommendation for you all. "Monte Carlo" Monte Carlo originated as a daily radio show on the Danish radio channel P3 back in 2012. The point of the program was to go through the events of the week as they happen with a "sparkle in the eye" as we say here (meaning not taking things all too seriously). The program mainly focused on talking about Danish politics in a way that would actually make the younger generation care about it a bit more. It was very successful. This year the radio show closed down and the concept and the two much loved hosts were moved to television (they'd done some tv-shows already) This new television show (Monte Carlo på DR3) is on half an hour every night from Monday to Thursday, and just like the radio show evolves around current events and politics.

I would highly recommend listening or watching these guys. Not only are they hilarious, but they are a great example of Danish humour and offer wonderful insight into Danish culture and politics.

The radio show and the three tv-series they did where they travelled to Russia, Jerusalem, and the US respectively, and explored the culture of these places (it's a lot more fun than it sounds) are all available on iTunes as podcasts. I'm afraid I have no idea if they're just on the Danish iTunes or if the content's available internationally. (Just search Monte Carlo under podcasts and see if it's there. The picture is of two guys in black and white; one shorter blond one, and a tall one with dark hair)

The tv-show that is ongoing however can be streamed in it's entirety on DR's website with Danish subtitles. Link here: http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/monte-carlo-pa-dr3/dr3-live-med-monte-carlo-3

Of course this won't make a lot of sense for beginners, but I think it would be great for you advanced learners interested in learning more about or country and our culture (so grateful for that btw! we don't usually get a lot of attention due to our small size)

Thanks for reading this horribly long post. Good luck with everything! :)

December 18, 2014



Mange tak for anbefalingen!

I just checked iTunes (US), and there are a ton of DR radio and TV shows listed (all free, as far as I can tell)! There are also shows that are no longer available for streaming on the DR site. For example, here's Monte Carlo Elsker USA.

Does anyone know if iTunes supports subtitles? I can't see an option to turn them on. Or maybe they are not present on the iTunes versions -- I checked out several shows and didn't see any, except for some that are hardcoded during English dialog.


A lingot for you sir! Thanks for investigating. Monte Carlo Elsker USA is a favourite of mine :)


Jeg har ikke iTunes - hvordan kan jeg lytte til materialet? Tak


Untertekster still not working for me :(


There seems to be a short delay before untertekster are available for Monte Carlo on the DR site. I don't see them on the newest episodes, but if you go back a week or two they are present.

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