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  5. "Cén dath atá ar an sciorta?"

"Cén dath atá ar an sciorta?"

Translation:What color is the skirt?

December 18, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Why was "Which color is the skirt" marked wrong? I thought that Cen generally meant "which."


    Why is cèn used instead of cad? I thought cad and ceard meant "what", is this a similar situation


    Is sciorta originally an Irish word that the Norse adopted or is skjorta (also meaning skirt in Swedish) originally a Norse word that the Irish adopted?


    Wiktionary says the latter. Great site for etymology questions.

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    English "skirt" is also from the Norse word! I wonder if it was borrowed into both languages around the same time


    I might be mistaken, but shirt was adopted from this word too, but at a different time and sk changed to sh in such words back then. The same thing happened to shatter and scatter - they were adopted from the same source, just in different times


    If the answer is "What color is the skirt?", then what is the purpose of "ar" if there is an "an"?


    Color is 'on' something in Irish. The an in this sentence is the definite article, not the question particle.


    So more like " What color is on the skirt?"


    But they don't accept that as an answer ;)


    I translated this as "Which color is the skirt?" but it was marked wrong. Shouldn't "what color" be translated as "Cad dath?"

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    From the Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla entry for :

    1. Interr. pron. (With article and noun, in reference to persons or things; combines with form an of article to form cén) What. Cén fear é? What man is he? Cé na himreoirí atá acu? What players have they? Cén lá den tseachtain é? What day of the week is it? Cén aois é? What age is he? Cén uair? At what time? When? Cén áit? At what place? Where? Cén fáth? For what reason? Why? Cén chaoi? Cén dóigh? In what way? How? Cén amaidí í! What nonsense! Cén bhéicíl atá ort? Why are you shouting?
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