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  5. "Cén leibhéal a bhfuil tú ar?"

"Cén leibhéal a bhfuil ar?"

Translation:What level are you on?

December 18, 2014



Can a preposition really be the last word in the sentence? I know it can in Germanic languages like English, but in Irish?


It should be air in indirect relative clauses (and leibhéal is masculine). Or you can use cén leibhéal ar a bhfuil tú. You can see this here under "indirect relative clause".

For present tense:

After the verb:

antecedent + a + verb + subject + preposition + pronoun

Before the verb:

antecedent + preposition + a + verb + subject

Both are accepted. Notice that in "after verb" you have it "preposition + subject", which does inflect.

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