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  5. "Caitheann an cailín gúna."

"Caitheann an cailín gúna."

Translation:The girl wears a dress.

December 18, 2014



Please correct me if I'm wrong: As hard to believe as it is, cailín (girl) is actually a masculine word in Irish, so that's why it doesn't get lenited after "an". Am I right?


That is correct. It's masculine because of the diminutive -ín. It comes from caile + -ín meaning "small maid"


Thanks! Very interesting extra information. I'm amazed to see that in Irish, just like in Spanish, -in is a diminutive.


It's the same thing in Dutch! 'Meisje' (girl) is neuter because of the diminutive -je. It comes from 'meid' + -je meaning "small maid" :)


"Girl" in German (das Mädchen) is neuter for the exact same reason.


Won't accept 'is wearing'


I believe it’s because it means “she wears”, not “she is wearing”, ie. it tells you that she is used to wear, and not necessarily is wearing right now. “Is wearing” would be done differently in Irish (“tá sí ag […]”).


I answered The girl is wearing a dress, not The girl wears a dress, and lost a heart. Are you teaching me Irish or English. Surely the two sentences are interchangeable and identical in meaning? You are mean with your hearts ☹️


"The girl is wearing a dress" and "The girl wears a dress" are not interchangeable or identical in meaning in English (they aren't even in the same tense), and Tá an cailín ag caitheamh gúna is not interchangeable with or identical in meaning to Caitheann an cailín gúna in Irish.

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