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Can't access account

I tried to access my account which is called "AdamWoodhouse2" by logging into Duolingo through Google+, but somehow it made a new account and this is it. I can't access my old account by typing in the username, and it is really frustrating because I made lots of progress on that account.

Also, I for some reason I can reach it on my tablet, and that's how I've been keeping my streak. Any reasons as to why this happened and how I can get my old account back?

December 18, 2014



I can see your account details for that name. Perhaps you got the password wrong. I think there is a facility for this although I have never used it.


Have you always logged in through Google+? If not, go back and try logging in the way you used to. You have two different accounts, so, your old one hasn't been deleted.


I just managed to fix this by resetting my password and logging in through that way. Thanks for the help, and sorry for the hassle. :)


I have this problem from 3 years, I can not login to duolingo.com, but I can login to englishtest.duolingo.com forum.duolingo.com doesn't work, so I am using now another email to login. reseting password doesn't help at all, after reseting I only can use the new one in the englishtest domain but not in the main one

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