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  5. "Ik zit niet in deze klas."

"Ik zit niet in deze klas."

Translation:I am not in this grade.

December 18, 2014



I take it "klas" can only mean "grade" as in the Americanism "third grade" (nth grade), meaning year 3 (n) of school? (And not in the sense of "mark")


Just to be different, in recent years, we Brits now refer to "year n" in the same sense as the US "nth grade", where formerly different usages aplied to different levels of school. So if the meaning is strictly "grade" the british usage is now "year". Year 6 is first year of secondary age ten to 11.


What rufousdave said ☺


Could it not be "I am not sitting in this class"? I guess that does sound a bit clumsy, but it has a slightly different meaning.


You don't "sit" in a year grade, even if you do in dutch. Klas here isn't a classroom.


It could mean that, yes. I don't think you'd ever have to use it though...


I am not in this class makes sense in English, as in the group students taking a course. Is not the same as a grade but is it valid


What would class then be? Klaskamer?


Just klas or klaslokaal


klas - grade versus class - without context either should be right. i am not in this grade - progression through a structure of increasing knowledge i am not in this class - an area of study, such as art class or math class

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