"Han läser inte ens tidningen."

Translation:He does not even read the newspaper.

December 18, 2014

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I thought till och med means even?


Yes, but not even is inte ens.


Is it wrong to say inte även in this situation?


Yes. Ens means even in the sense of at all.


I was told that även was only used for hypothetical situations, like "även om"


When speaking, would the pronunciation of inte ens generally merge to sound like intens? If you know what im trying to say.


Yes, it would.

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I would have thought He does not read even the newspaper has about the same meaning in English. Maybe there is some difference in the Swedish?


That's right, I'll add that.


i dont understand, so what is the difference of ens and till och med?! both of them means even?!


English is a tricky language. But that aside, it's not a good idea to expect constant 1:1 correlations between any kinds of languages.

"Till och med" means 1) up to and including or 2) that something exceeds the expected.

"Ens" means "at all", used here as an antithesis to "till och med". Ens means something is not even done, although one could have expected it.


I learned that "till och med" means even when it refers to something positive, for example, "till och med farfar sjunger!" and "ens" means even when it refers to something negative, like in this sentence, "han läser inte ens tidningen." Am I right to say that?


Yes, that sounds good. I've been explaining it like that in other cases.


This might be a strange question, but can 'inte ens' be used with adjectives, too, or is it only used with nouns? So, can I say something like "din klänning är inte ens så vacker" (your dress isn't even that beautiful)?


It sounds good to me. Did you find a real answer to that?


I guess the comparison to other languages rather than English could be useful. For Portuguese speakers for example, ens = nem, while till och med = até. Hope this helps someone.


Is this the best sentance to teach the word "ens" ?


"Han läser tidningar inte ens på söndagar" or "Han läser inte tidningar ens på söndagar"?


For Germans: 'ens' kann man übersetzen als 'mal', 'einmal'. | Hon läser inte ens tidningen. = Sie leist nicht einmal die Zeitung | Merkt's euch so als Eselsbrücke, dass das einmal in dem ens steht. En = Eins. Hoffe das war hilfreich

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