"I am coming in a moment."

Translation:Jag kommer om ett ögonblick.

December 18, 2014

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are ett ögonblick and en stund any different?


En stund is slightly longer.


ögonblick is one of my favorite Swedish words. Eye-blink!


Why is om used here instead of i?


The time prepositions in Swedish are not the same as in English. We use om in these contexts.

  • Jag kan göra det om en månad. = I can do it in a month (from now).


Furthermore, to use i in this context would mean for the duration of.

  • Jag kan göra det i en månad = I can do it for a month

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Does that mean you are going to do it continuously for a month or that you're available to do it at any point within the the month or that you'll take no longer than a month?


The first. The third would be "Jag kan göra det på en månad". The second doesn't really have a simple, straight translation but personally I would use "Jag kan göra det någon gång i månaden". "I can do it at some point in the month".


I was asked to translate "I'm coming in a moment" and wrote "Jag kommer om en stund". I got marked wrong.

I see now that the original Swedish sentence was "Jag kommer om ett ögonblick" and I know that is different from what I wrote.

But isn't what I wrote a correct translation for the English sentence?


No, because a moment is ett ögonblick and those are shorter than en stund which is a while.


wait, why wouldn't "Om ett ögonblick kommer jag" work?


Not grammatically wrong but a too unlikely/special word order to be an accepted answer.


What's wrong with 'Om ett ögonblick kommer jag'?


To quote Arnauti: "Not grammatically wrong but a too unlikely/special word order to be an accepted answer."

Just to check, do you read through the whole comment section before asking your questions? Because if you don't and are able to, I recommend that you do to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.


"För ögonblicket kommer jag" seems to be not wokring here even though it is the given translation with the other verb "arbetar" for the sentence "I'm working at the moment". Why is that?


I got this wrong because I wrote "en ögonblick," rather than "ett ögonblick" but the correction at the bottom of the screen said "Jag kommer om en sekund." Is that wrong?


The suggested version at the bottom of the page is (I think) whichever accepted answer it thinks is closest to what you wrote. It goes funny sometimes. I assume it gave you that one because you used 'en', and everything up to there could have been right if you just changed the last word.

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