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"Det ligger en liten matta golvet."

Translation:There is a small carpet on the floor.

December 18, 2014



Duolingo also accepted, "There's a small mat on the floor."


A small carpet is not a carpet anyway - it's a rug or a mat. If doesn't cover the floor, it's not generally carpet.


I agree. Carpets go from wall to wall (or nearly so). It must otherwise be called a rug..


So I said located for "ligger" like the program suggests, and it marked me wrong :(


So what if you want to say:

"It is (located) on the small rug on the floor.


Den/det ligger på den lilla mattan på golvet


Oh wait of course.. i misread it and though the sentence could mean two things. Still a confusing sentence though.


Golven would be the floors, right?


When did det no longer mean it?


Why the impersonal construction here, and with bor in sentences like "Det bor en mus i min garderob"?


This one works pretty much like "there is" in English. One reason the language has these constructions is because of word order. For the information structure to work well, it's much better not to start a sentence with an indeterminate noun like "en matta" or "en mus": these items are unfamiliar to the listener so having them as a subject of the sentence feels unexpected. What you want to tell the listener is of the existence or presence of something. Therefore, you want to have the verb before the subject. But we can't just put the verb first, so we need a construction like this.

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Why not "it's a.." why " there's a..."

[deactivated user]


    I answered "There is a little rug on the ground" and was marked wrong. I don't really understand why, as the words "liten matta" translate literally to "small carpet," yes? Could someone help to explain my mistake please.


    What is the difference between liten, lilla, små?


    liten is a high irregular word. liten for -en words, litet for -ett words, lilla, when you refer to something (like "den lilla mattan") and små for plural words


    If I wanted to describe my door mat, can I call it a "dörrmatta?" Or would that mean 'door carpet?'

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