Can I sign up for Beta French if I am doing Spanish and still continue with Spanish? If I can how is it done?

May 3, 2012


Yes you can and probably don't even have to sign up for French separately. Go to your regular Spanish lesson dashboard and login, go up to the top right hand corner of the page and either go to "Settings" under your login name or to where it says "Spanish" and click on the pull down menu and click on "more" . You will see a section in settings where you can go back and forth between languages learned in the same session. You can even learn English even if its your native language, as the dashboard is in Spanish and it can be helpful and you can help out others who are not as adept with English by translating a lot of sentences. Happy learning. When you do this and click on your language tree tab at the top of your page you will see tabs for all the different languages you are presently learning so that you can switch back and forth very easily.

Yes, you can. But French is labeled 'beta' for the moment for a reason: The material is still rather buggy compared to the Spanish course. I'm using it anyway.

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