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  5. "Meisjes drinken water."

"Meisjes drinken water."

Translation:Girls drink water.

December 18, 2014



Is the plural in Dutch so easy? (hoping for an yes)


Sorry, it's not, see here, most plurals will end on -en, some on -s and then there are some exceptions.


So dutch uses both the germanic derived plural ending AND the western romance derived plural ending?


I do not know if it is romance derived, but there are more than just two types of plurals in dutch: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_grammar#Plural There is also 's and eren. In German, there is e and er (along with s for colloquial/borrowed words): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_grammar#The_plural


What is the different between drink and drinkt? I guess drinkt is a plural but why sometimes the sentence show that the 'drink' and 'drinkt' is just the same?


drink goes with ik, drinkt goes with all the other singular pronouns. Drinken is for all the plural pronouns.


I have the same question

  • Ik drink
  • Jij drinkt
  • Hij/Zij/Het drinkt
  • U drinkt
  • Wij drinken
  • Jullie drinken
  • Zij drinken


Is there a plural indefinite article in Dutch? Or is the absence of an article with the plural just make it indefinite?


The indefinite article is een the absence of an article means that in that sentence no article was use like how in english "Bread is good" there was no article put on the word "bread"

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