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  5. what are streaks?


what are streaks?

As my title says, what are they? thanks for any answers!

July 17, 2013



You can also add to your streak by translating or editing a sentence in the 'immersion' view.


If you login everyday and pass a test then your streak number grows by one, which means that you have studied today. Basically, it's SWAG.


Well I noticed my streak number goes up every time I finish (pass) a test, not just do one but pass it. I'm on a 14 day streak now, at first I thought it didn't work as I thought it was a streak of days in a row you came to practice, but no, only when passing a test.

[deactivated user]

    Your streak goes up by one when you complete a test or practice a language. For everyday in a row that you complete a test or practice, your streak goes up by one. However, if you don't practice a language for a day or skip a day of learning, your streak is reset to zero.


    every day in a row that you log in and gain at least 1 skill ponit your streak meter gos up


    ok thank you all!


    I still don't get it. Mine has been at 1 since I started and for the last week I have practiced every day and am now at level 8 Spanish. Are there tests I am supposed to be taking as well that I might be missing?

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