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  5. "Das ist kein Fleisch."

"Das ist kein Fleisch."

Translation:That is not meat.

December 18, 2014



Duo... If it isn't meat, what is it?


its vegan BeyondBurger ;)


Why would "that is no meat" be incorrect?


It seems less natural or at least less common to me, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be accepted either (plus, it is the more literal translation). Just report it the next time you come across this sentence.


Alright, thank you! I was thinking of it kinda with putting emphasis on that it is otherworldly and far from meat. Like saying "that's no boat" in reference to a spooky pirate ship.


That's how "That is no meat" comes across in English, but "Das ist kein Fleisch" just means "That isn't meat" without the extra connotations, which is probably why that wasn't accepted.


Thanks. Actually, it didn't accept that isn't meat from me. I suppose "isn't" was not read.


I would report it. I really think that should be accepted.


"Kein" could have a similar meaning in German, but only if it's emphasised (e.g. in speech). In your example, saying "Das ist kein Schiff!" would be possible in German as well, at least in my opinion. "Das ist nicht ein Schiff, sondern (etwas anderes)." would also be possible (only with a contrast though), but it sounds more matter-of-factly to me. E.g. in Star Wars, when Ben / Obi-Wan Kenobi says "That's no moon.", that's translated to "Das ist kein Mond." in the German version. But as Delta1212 pointed out, it is also the normal way to negate a phrase like this.


I did think the voice as it came out put the stress on the kein, so I interpreted it as 'that is no meat' - could be due to limitations in the voice synthesizing, but I do think in this case 'no meat' is better translation of what was said. If I had read it only, I'd have put 'not meat' though.


Why would 'That is not flesh" be appropriate? Meat and flesh are the same thing?


Yes, in German they are the same thing. Or rather, in German there isn't an extra word like "meat" that describes specifically flesh that is eaten (or meant to be eaten) as food.


Is eating flesh really appropriate?


yes, it is, that is why you should go vegan ;) x


That's what millions of people actually do (sadly!) probably including yourself?


Why is "That is not a meat" is a wrong translation? I thought that "kein/keine/keinen" is equivalent with a "negative a/an" in English language. Thank you.


"Kein" is often (but not always) equivalent to "nicht ein" in German, because the two expressions are etymologically related. However, it is hard to find a single word or expression in English that functions exactly the same way as "kein" does in German. "No" might come close, but in sentences like these you would normally just use "not". Additionally, "That is not a meat." sounds wrong because "meat" is usually uncountable (at least I would understand it as being used as an uncountable noun here).


Can we say "Das ist nicht Fleisch"? If yes, what's the differnce? If no, why not?


Only in some special cases in the right context, not if you just want to express the general meaning of "That is not (no) meat.". "Das ist nicht Fleisch." sounds somewhat similar to how "That is not-meat." would sound in English, but without the proper context it just isn't natural.


Why not This is not Flesh ?


Yes, Fleisch does also mean flesh, but it is most commonly called meat. When you are eating lamb no one comes up to you and says, "Hey, are you eating lamb flesh?" Because in America flesh is often associated with raw/uncooked meat.


But so called "meat" is actually flesh, all animals have flesh including human animals, it's only called "meat" to make people think they aren't eating the flesh of what were once living animals!


Could it also be "Das ist nicht Fleisch"?


I am wondering the same


Meat and flesh are one and same thing


Okay, so what is the difference between kein, keine, keinen, and keiner? I have been struggling with this, and since I'm not a grammer expert, I need help.


that is not flesh =Das ist kein Fleisch 1) dass is different from das 2)second meat is flesh am i right ?


Can fleisch also be used for the word flesh?


In the audio exercice, "das isst kein Fleisch" is not accepted, while there is no difference in pronunciation.


I just got marked wrong for giving the same answer. "That does not eat meat" is a coherent sentence, so I don't see any reason why the German homophone should be considered objectively wrong in this context.

(Again, this is only in reference to the transcription-from-audio exercise and is not relevant to any discussion of the translation-from-text versions for the same sentence.)


Why does "that is not flesh" not work?


It should work. Did you try to report it? It's probably just not in the system.


What's the difference between nicht and kein?


I think nicht negates verbs and kein/e negates nouns.


It's not meat. Why is "it" incorrect here? I don't see different betwen it's not meat and that's not meat. Thanks


Why not - that is not meat or that is not food ?


"That is not meat." is the standard translation proposed by Duolingo. However, "food" is a much more general term than "meat" and (therefore) not a good translation for "Fleisch" ("flesh", "meat").


The moment you click the last wird but u dobt actually click it and fail the sentenve cause u didnt click in time


Why it cannot be "It isn't a meat" - it = das, am I right? so...why not ?


when should i be using 'nicht' and when should i be using 'kein' ?


It's not creamed corn. The can says deviled ham.

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