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Congrats on the Number 16 App in the App Store!

[deactivated user]

    I just checked the iOS market (app store) and Duolingo has become the 16th most popular free app! I hope it slowly makes its way up to number one! Congratulations Duolingo!

    P.S. Duolingo is the number 1 education app on the market right now, and it is rated at nearly 5/5 stars!

    All numbers are as of now on 7/17/2013! I will try to update our place on the top charts but we move up and down constantly!

    UPDATE (7/17/2013): We moved down to 16th UPDATE(7/17/2013): Duolingo is under New and Noteworthy apps!

    July 17, 2013


    • 2626

    We're #12!!! We're #12!!! Let's go for #1!!!! :)


    wow, this is more popular than i thought. congrats duolingo


    I'll have to get Duolingo on my phone, so I can rate it up.


    Because of lack of good windows phone apps, i guarantee you first place in microsoft store, if the wp version is ever made :)


    Awesome, and its true xD


    i'm gonna tell all my friends to get duolingo! we'll be #1 in no time! I think duolingo should be in the Nook store too.

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