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Congrats on the Number 16 App in the App Store!

[deactivated user]

    I just checked the iOS market (app store) and Duolingo has become the 16th most popular free app! I hope it slowly makes its way up to number one! Congratulations Duolingo!

    P.S. Duolingo is the number 1 education app on the market right now, and it is rated at nearly 5/5 stars!

    All numbers are as of now on 7/17/2013! I will try to update our place on the top charts but we move up and down constantly!

    UPDATE (7/17/2013): We moved down to 16th UPDATE(7/17/2013): Duolingo is under New and Noteworthy apps!

    July 17, 2013



    We're #12!!! We're #12!!! Let's go for #1!!!! :)


    wow, this is more popular than i thought. congrats duolingo


    I'll have to get Duolingo on my phone, so I can rate it up.


    Because of lack of good windows phone apps, i guarantee you first place in microsoft store, if the wp version is ever made :)


    Awesome, and its true xD


    i'm gonna tell all my friends to get duolingo! we'll be #1 in no time! I think duolingo should be in the Nook store too.


    i'm gonna tell all my friends to get the app, we'll soon be #1! duolingo should be in the Nook store too.


    Omg doulingo is really popular. Thats cool!! I hope doulingo gets 1!


    This is awesome!


    Congratulation, you rock :) Gracias por la magia, gente grosa de Duolingo :D Obrigado aos mestres do Duolingo!


    duolingo is nice! Anyway,now Japan is so hot.


    Well deserved duolingo. I've been recommending it to all my family, friends and colleagues...


    Is there going to be an app for either amazon apps (kindle) or windows phones? Don't have any iOS devices... Would be nice to have


    Woooo! Definitely well-deserved. I'm really looking forward to trying out Chinese and Japanese when they come out :DD The best overall language app I've ever used.

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