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Some website tricks

"Mark all correct translations" Before I select the text, it is black, and the background is white. When I select it, the background is blue, and the text is white. The underline under "all" doesn't change because it's created using css - but I think that should be possible to fix (even without adding actual underline characters to the copy buffer) - but should something visually be selected if it's not actually copied? They're probably doing the right thing in this case.

Every so often, the microphone will load slowly, have a long delay before speech confirmation, and fail (flash shows a microphone with a blue circle around it, with unaliased black outlines on both sides of that circle wile loading). When it does this, I have to choose between reloading the page (and losing my progress), or waiting for it to get back to me to see if what I spoke was correct (making me lose time, as the only skip button before the initial misspeak disables the microphone, requiring me to edit the settings back again), or repeatedly speaking into it, then waiting for it to fail, which, when it finally does, doesn't give me another chance.

I'm using the firefox web browser with the firebug addon. If I look at the section of the page source where flash is (I have to select a different part of the page then scroll, so flash itself doesn't steal the context menu click), I can see the answer! If I have to translate "I cannot live without water", I know I have to say "No puedo vivir sin agua" because the page source includes "text=i cannot live without water|yo no puedo vivir sin agua|no puedo vivir sin agua=es"

Also, it's possible to reload flash without reloading the whole page, destroying progress in the process. Search for the .swf (that's currently 'data="/swf/speakRecorder-1-1.swf'), and replace it with .swf2 or any other invalid address (that's s/.swf/.swf2/ for you regexers). This causes it to unload flash completely because it's an invalid address for it. Then change the swf2 back to swf, and it'll reload flash in the same place it was in. Now you can continue along the lesson, without having lost progress, and with the flash microphone responding quickly again.

Please consider adding a "reload flash" button to the website, for when flash breaks.

December 18, 2014


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