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"You are even wearing a red dress."

Translation:Du har endda en rød kjole på.

December 18, 2014



When do we use "endda," "selv," and "engang?" Are there any rules governing the use of these?

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Why is selv not appropriate in this case?


Which is the difference between endnu, endna


Same question here!


Endna - even, endnu - yet


Please someone explain the difference between "endda", "selv" and "engang", the translation is the same in English. Thank you!


Unfortunately, these don't really help me a lot with this question and I still keep getting it wrong. I'm essentially guessing. I can't find any really great material on this.


Why was this incorrect? "Du har endda på en rød kjole."


på goes after the article of clothing. Du har endda en rød kjole på is correct.


totally confused as well, I looked for the difference betwenn "endda" and "selv". I found an interesting clue from a native speaker : "self" is more like "even though ; despite" and "endda" is "in addition to". Examples : "jeg gør alt for min søster. Jeg vil ennda lave hendes lektier for hende : I do anything for my sister. I'll even do her homeword for her." AND "jeg hader at læse, selv når det kun er korte Tweets : I hate reading, even when it's only short Tweets". That sounds a real clue for me.....


Endda = even, Selv = self, Engang = one time - according to google, so why does Dulingo confuse the translation of the 3 words? I keep confusing myself because the suggestion here is that Engang would be ok, but then it isn't.

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