"No, non ricordano."

Translation:No, they do not remember.

July 17, 2013

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I want a new voice for this so bad. It sounds like, "No, no ricordano".


I agree with MrMOOstachE34... sounds ok on slow but def no, no ricordano on normal speed.


Why is this not 'non riCORdano'?


Yeah the recording is wrong, it should be ricòrdano, and not ricordàno.


Ooops didn't realize it's a recording problem :P


Lo pensavo. Ti ringrazio.


The sentence is "No, non ricordano", you need the first "No"


no means no non means not


Why is this not "non si ricordano". I learnt that the verb "to remember" is "ricordarsi".


It's a FREE app, people.


Still, every complaint can improve it! :)


As long as we keep reporting problems, the app should keep improving. In the meantime, I think the lessons are worth continuing despite a few errors.


FYI I've paid a subscription to the PLUS version of DL, and the audio is exactly the same poor quality. We can hear 'No, no ricordano', only. There is no 'non'. The frustrating thing is that despite numerous reports to the moderators over many years, nothing has been done to fix these errors. If I had paid no subscription I would not be inclined to complain, but when I'm paying, I expect errors to be fixed within a reasonable timeframe!


As a native speaker, I can tell that I hear a clear non. Maybe your system (phone, PC, Mac?) needs to be tuned.


Hi Muttley. I use a mac with headphones. The 'non' is clear on the slowed version but not on the regular speed. From the comments it seems that I'm not the only one that can't hear the second 'n' in non!


I suspect that you expect to hear no-non-ricordano, with a clearly enounced non as the sequence of (Italian) n-o-n
If that's the case, then I understand your issue.
This is how Italians speak: there is no pause between words. No language does that. Sounds blend and change depending on how they are gouped: think of rock'n'roll.

non is most likely pronounced /noŋ/ (like the 'ng' in 'going') because of the following consonant /r/. I can agree that it is not a clear /n/ like in November but, nontheless, the sound made by this non is clearly in the frame of the word recognized by an Italian as non.

Also: the /o/ in non (/o/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close-mid_back_rounded_vowel) is not the same 'o' found in no ( /nɔ/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-mid_back_rounded_vowel)


Thank you for the clarification, Muttley. Evidently my ears are not yet used to distinguishing when one word merges into another in italian. It is frustrating, and I hope that skill will eventually come with enough practice!


Children need time to learn to recognize the sounds they hear and make sense of them.
Once we grow up, we need to re-tune our "ears" to the sounds of a different language. That takes a lot of exercise, I am afraid.


You and i remember budapest very differently


What is the difference between 'no' and 'non'?


I hear: no, non ricorda - no remember - its hard to understand right sense of sentence


no, non ricorda means 'no, he/she does not remember'.


For those of us just starting, how am i suppsed to know this is 'they' don't remember? I have never seen this verb conjugated so I am unsure of the form indicators.


Due to the complexity of the Italian verbs system, the task of learning the conjugations should be taken outside of Duolingo.
This Wikipedia page seems very informative:


It should be "no, non se la ricordano", at least that's how it's used (as a reflexive verb) if you talk about something specific. If you talk about something for example historical, like "they don't remember the times" that's when you can use it not reflexive - said my native Italian girlfriend


"Pensi che si ricordino quello che è successo durante la rapina?"
"Alla polizia hanno risposto che non ricordano"


Can't remember? What's wrong with that? Can't you people speak the Queen's English?


The speak isn't work at the app


'they don't' should be ok too


The fast audio is different than the slow audio. But io penso è great we are good enough trovare il mistakes and continue.


It will not show the continue button


The voice is terrible. No sounds like Ma.


There is no 'ma' sound in this sentence. Why should it be there?


No, they don't remember. It's same with they do not remember

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