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Teacher Accounts That Monitor Student Progress-Noted By Myra, An Expert!

[deactivated user]

    (There is a TL;DR at the end)

    Let me start off by saying that... (1) I am not a teacher, just a student trying to improve the site for teachers. (2) Even though I am not a teacher, I know my current Spanish teacher (in real life) has been looking for new innovative ways to enforce Spanish... So with that let me get onto the juicy stuff!

    Duolingo is a great site for students who have the motivation to come on and practice by themselves, but what would be even better is a way for teachers to encourage students to come on the site and then track their progress. Now let’s run through how this could work.

    (1)When a new person signs up for Duolingo, they should have the opportunity to select whether they are a student or teacher. (2)Once a teacher has made an account, he or she can register other accounts under their name for his or her students. (3)Students signed up under the teacher’s name would have their progress and accuracy tracked and reported back to the teacher.

    I also propose that teacher accounts should have the access to turn availability to the forums and immersion on and off because schools may not like the idea of students talking to others on the web.

    I think this would be a great and new way for teachers to educate their students in a fun manner. Duolingo has been great to me so I hope that we can spread it to teachers who need resources like this!

    TL;DR (1)Teachers can make accounts and sign up their students under their name (2)Teachers can monitor their student’s progress (3)Teachers can turn certain areas of the site on or off like parental controls

    I hope you take my suggestion into consideration! I’m sure my teacher would jump aboard if this option was available!


    July 17, 2013



    I think you've hit the nail on the head. These are indeed the most common requests we've heard from educators. Our developers are thinking about methods for better teacher tracking of student progress as well as limited access to discussion/immersions from student accounts. We'd be curious to hear more from teachers and students. What do you like about Duolingo and what would you like to see here in the future?

    Thanks for starting this discussion CannedSoup :)


    The only thing is that I feel that if you make students do something, they wont want to.. I am meant to use language perfect for my school, but I use duo because it is way better.. If duo starts making itself school oriented, it should only be for students who pick the subject, not that they have to take a language or their parents make them. Basically, try not to ruin the experience of a free from teachers, learn at your own pace way of learning.. xD

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for the reply Myra! Means a lot to see that an expert (as noted by the star and blue outline around your profile picture) has noticed the thread!


      As a Latin teacher, I like to use Duolingo Spanish, French, and Italian at the end of our time together to show my students how Latin filtered down into these languages. We do a 2-week study of each language using Duolingo, and the students love it!
      As a teacher, I would like to be able to see the amount of time (minutes) students have spent on Duolingo. I would also VERY much like to be able to see their proficiency (how full are their bars on the side of each lesson). It would also be nice if I could print a report of which lessons they covered including the "strengthen skills" challenges. If I could see how many incorrect answers they had, this would help me answer their questions about why their bars aren't full even after completing one of these sessions, and if I knew which questions or concepts they struggle with, I could help them learn these concepts before having them repeat the session.

      We love Duolingo. Thank you!


      I not sure if i like this idea. I'm totally for students doing it (as I am a student and it is helpful in school), but when making a new account and it asking if you're a teacher or a student...? What if you're neither? If DuoLingo decides to do this, I think you should add neither (or something of that sort), so that others can do it on their own free time.

      As XytherNZ said, if students are forced to something, they don't want to do it. The teachers should give a wide range (like you have the whole 1st Quarter to complete certain subjects, etc.). This way, students would know when it needs to be due, but they can do it on their own free time and not get a grade for it until the day it's actually due.


      Being a blended learning director for a high school, I think this site has MASSIVE potential to affect the school community. I see the point of other people saying that students shouldn't be forced to learn a language they want. However, the wonderful thing about Duolingo is that it is completely paced by the student themselves. The only thing that a teacher would have to do is provide benchmarks for students to reach, or have students provide these benchmarks within a reasonable amount of sense for themselves. Once students have said benchmarks (especially ones they've specifically created), motivation, grit, determination, etc. should be there for them to succeed. All of you have hit it on the head: at the end of the day, these intrinsic factors have to be in place in order for Duolingo to be successful in the class.

      As an educator, it would be AMAZING to have access to student accounts to see where they are on some sort of dashboard. As far as determining whether a person was a teacher or not, that doesn't have to be even part of the discussion; a school can be in contact with Duolingo and can thus create student and teacher accounts separately. With this separation, an educational community could also be separate from the outside Duolingo world, if need be: however, I would implore the international learning community to welcome student input and interaction. We all can benefit being life long learners, and I know for one that I would love my students to be able to translate sections of text in the Immersion section and get feedback from other learners, or be able to interact in discussions with others. As long as the school provides ongoing instruction and feedback about digital interaction and literacy, the students should be able to safely navigate and learn.

      Duolingo, thank you for providing this service. As an educator, I sincerely hope you roll this out to the learning community. I for one would love to help you in any capacity, and I certainly will be using your service for our students within the upcoming year.


      Khan Academy does something similar, look at their layout if you need ideas.


      Where is the TD;LR??????!!!!!!!


      cool idea but anybody can say they are a teacher when they arn't? or does that not matter ?

      [deactivated user]

        Well the only perk of being a teacher is monitoring other accounts that you signed up yourself, so if you don't have any students, signing up as a teacher becomes pointless.

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