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  5. "These books are mine."

"These books are mine."

Translation:Dessa böcker är mina.

December 19, 2014



could someone explain please the "dessa" and "de" thing?


”Dessa” means ”these”. ”De” means ”they” or ”the” (in the plural) if you have an adjective, such as ”de röda böckerna” (the red books).


thanks! so technically "dessa böcker" and "de böcker" are not the same? as in "these books" and "the books"..?


No they’re not the same. ”Dessa böcker” means ”these books”. The normal way to say ”the books” would be böckerna, ”de böcker” only occurs in some circumstances.


oh god, this is so confusing, since I believe the website wanted me to pick both options for the same translation, and it just didn't feel right. but now I'm even more confused :)


The site may have wanted you to choose these two versions:
Dessa böcker är mina.
De här böckerna är mina.

de här + determinate plural means the same as dessa + indeterminate plural.

Don't mix up de här böckerna, which is a very common construction, with de böcker, which is rare and probably not something you need to think of just yet [de böcker is only used before a relative clause, never otherwise].


why is it dessa, not denna?


denna is for singular en gender nouns. dessa is for plural.


So dessa means "these," denna/detta are informal "this," den här/det här are informal "this" and den där/det där are "that?"


It might be a silly question, but (how) is the V2 rule used here?


"dessa böcker" takes up the first place. One place can consist of more than one word, even long phrases. But you could always replace them with one word and still have the same structure. Here for instance you could have said just de är mina and had the same structure.


why not de dar bockerna?

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