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  5. "They like it."

"They like it."

Translation:De tycker om det.

December 19, 2014



Can someone explain the difference between de and dom? And the difference between det and den in this sentence?


”De” is spelt such but pronounced ”dom” (the audio voice gets it wrong). ”Det” refers to an ett-word, or a word of unknown gender. It would have been den if it referred to an en-word.


I just got marked incorrect for not selecting "de tycker om den" - are "den" and "det" interchangeable when the sentence is simply "they like it", without knowing what "it" is?


Yes they are, so you should select both in questions like that.


Why are det and den both accepted???


This can be about some thing, which could then be either an ett or en noun. Like, 'I gave them a book. They like it'.


Is this like using sie or er in German as "it" and hem in Dutch as "it" and elle / il as "it" in French?

If so, is det feminine and den is common? Äpple is det, flicka is den?


Yes, it's like using sie/er/es or elle/il as 'it'.
Common gender is 'common' to all nouns that used to be feminine or masculine historically, the other words are neuter ('it'). So words like flicka, man, kvinna, pojke are not feminine/masculine in Swedish, they are common gender.


So if you don't know the object being referred to, should you default to den or det?


den as long as you're really referring to an unknown object. If you need to have a pronoun solely for grammatical reasons, it'll be det.


What's the difference between saying De gillar det and De tycker om det?! Are they just interchangeable?


Basically, yes. gillar is a tad more colloquial but there's no real difference in meaning.


im confused on when i should and should not put "om" before a word


Why is there a om in the sentence


The om is there because it is part of the verb "tycker om" (called a phrasal verb, for all you grammarians).

[deactivated user]

    These answers seem really inconsistent. Sometimes det is accepted, sometimes it isn't. Am I missing something?


    Both det and den are accepted here, because this is a sentence where we're talking about a specific object, but we don't know what that object is. In many sentences, only det works because it is an 'empty' pronoun that does not refer to a specific object. (we usually compare with it in it is raining) I think it's pretty consistent in the course by now, there may be some errors left but there aren't huge amounts of them. Ask again on other sentences if there isn't already an explanation in the comments there.

    [deactivated user]

      Ah, I understand. Thanks very much.


      Call me an idiot, but i still dont understand when i need to use "om" and when i dont, can anyone help me?


      I'm just curious if the word order is flexible here. Is it possible to say "De tycker det om?" or does it just not make sense? It somehow sounds better to me in this order.


      No, always verb + particle before object.

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