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Why am I not getting all the adjectives lessons?

My husband and I are learning French together, he's primarily using his phone and I use an ipad. He has 5 lessons for the adjectives stage, but I only have two. I thought maybe it was an ipad thing so I tried on my laptop but I didn't get any more. Any ideas?

December 19, 2014



You may want to move this to the troubleshooting section


On my second account, in adjectives 1 there are two lessons. On this account there are 5 lessons.


The skill tree has changed so maybe some of them have moved to adjectives 2


Thought that but In adjectives 2 I have 7 and my husband has 10!


If there are lessor number of lessons, you may have more words in each lesson.


Sometimes the app version and website version of Duolingo have different amount of parts for each lesson. I am going to guess that that is the problem.


That's what I thought but then I don't get extra lessons when I go onto my laptop...


My GF and I are doing French together. We'd noticed that we have different sets of lessons, and different ordering.

But when we went into the lessons and looked at the sub-topics, it's not so clear. It looks to me like there's pretty much the same material, but with some variations in ordering and grouping. I'm guessing that this depends on the outcome of the initial quiz, if you did that. We both did - she did more French than I at school (which in both our cases was a fair time ago).

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