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real world translation

October 30, 2012



the real world translations are too hard and off putting. I have just looked at 3 translations - none of which make sense to me. Duo you really need something intermediate to the real world translations. It's too big a jump from the lessons to the translations and I for one do not feel like continuing with the translations, which is such a shame as you have produced something really special with the rest of the product


I don't even understand what is supposed to happen with the real world translation thing, let alone what the sentences/paragraphs say. I am trying to learn basic Spanish and can't move on with my lesson because I don't understand this? I don't understand...


I agree. It would take me a considerable amount of time to scroll over every word to figure out how to translate these sentences. I have only completed 3 lessons in basic skills 1. If this is what is required to do the next lesson, it looks like I am done with duolingo.


The real world translation is awful. After learning 20 Spanish words, I'm supposed to try to translate a Spanish web site? It's absurd - this type of difficulty should be way down the ladder.

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